Ayil Geet: The Influence of Maya

Ayil Geet -vrindavanrasamrit

Explore the wisdom of Ayil Geet from Bhagwat Mahapuran. Learn about the influence of Maya and the path to spiritual bliss. Download the PDF lyrics for daily recitation.

Bhramar Geet: The Uddhav – Gopi Samvad

Bhramar Geet - vrindavanrasamrit

The poignant dialogue between Uddhavji and the Gopis, reflecting their unwavering devotion to Lord Krishna. Download the PDF version for daily recitation and enjoy the melodious narration by Shri Indresh Upadhyayji.

Yugal Geet: By the Gopis in Separation from Shri Krishna

Yugal Geet - vrindavanrasamrit

Yugal Geet, the Gopis’ heartfelt lament for Lord Krishna during His forest sojourns. In Bhagwat’s 10th Canto, Chapter 35, this melodious expression of love unfolds, capturing the essence of devotion and separation. Download the PDF for lyrics and immerse yourself in this timeless melody.

Gopi Geet with Lyrics: True Separation of Gopis from Shri Krishna

Gopi Geet Lyrics - vrindavanrasamrit.in

Explore the profound beauty of Gopi Geet, cherished in the heart of devotees of Lord Krishna. Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring verses, available in Gujarati, Hindi, and English. Download Gopi Geet Lyrics in a captivating PDF format for a deeper connection with Lord Krishna.

Rudra Geet: From Bhagwat Mahapurana

Rudra Geet Lyrics - vrindavanrasamrit.in

We have presented this Rudra Geet in its original form from the 4th canto of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran which is written by Shri Ved Vyasji. Rudra Geet with Lyrics: Download an attractive PDF at the end.

Venu Geet: From Bhagwat Mahapurana

Venu Geet -vrindavanrasamrit.in

Experience the enchanting वेणु गीत (Venu Geet) as Shri Krishna grazes cows on Giriraj Govardhan, accompanied by his childhood friends. Dive into the captivating Venu Geet lyrics and download the PDF to explore the magic of melodious वेणु गीत (venu geet lyrics).