श्री राधा कृपा-कटाक्ष स्तोत्र PDF: By Lord Shiva (Sri Radha Kripa Kataksh)

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श्री राधा कृपा-कटाक्ष स्तोत्र (Sri Radha Kripa Kataksh)

मुनीन्द्र–वृन्द–वन्दिते त्रिलोक–शोक–हारिणि
प्रसन्न-वक्त्र-पण्कजे निकुञ्ज-भू-विलासिनि
व्रजेन्द्र–भानु–नन्दिनि व्रजेन्द्र–सूनु–संगते
कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥१॥

Worshipped by the greatest sages,
Reliever of sorrows from the three earthly realms,
Whose face gleams with the radiance of a blossoming lotus,
Reveling in romantic plays within the secluded forest retreats,
Beloved daughter of the noble Vrishabhanu,
Dearest confidante of Vraja’s prince,
When, oh when, will You bestow upon me that unmerited, tender sidelong look?

अशोक–वृक्ष–वल्लरी वितान–मण्डप–स्थिते
प्रवालबाल–पल्लव प्रभारुणांघ्रि–कोमले ।
वराभयस्फुरत्करे प्रभूतसम्पदालये
कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥२॥

Oh, You who reside beneath a shelter adorned with cascading vines, enveloped by the flourishing ashoka branches! Oh, You with feet as tender and radiant as the newly blossomed buds of coral trees, shining with a rosy hue! Oh, You who grants Your followers the precious gift of unyielding bravery with a simple gesture of Your raised hand! Oh, abundant source of celestial wealth and splendor! When, oh when, will You bestow upon me Your gracious and sidelong glance, filled with boundless mercy?

अनङ्ग-रण्ग मङ्गल-प्रसङ्ग-भङ्गुर-भ्रुवां
सविभ्रमं ससम्भ्रमं दृगन्त–बाणपातनैः ।
निरन्तरं वशीकृतप्रतीतनन्दनन्दने
कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥३॥

O Divine One, who consistently captivates the heart of Nanda’s Son with Your enchanting and affectionate gaze— A gaze filled with affectionate allure, making Him feel a deep sense of devotion, heightened by Your playfully arched eyebrows that evoke the playful spirit of love! When will the time come for You to bestow upon me that compassionate sideways glance?

तडित्–सुवर्ण–चम्पक –प्रदीप्त–गौर–विग्रहे
मुख–प्रभा–परास्त–कोटि–शारदेन्दुमण्डले ।
विचित्र-चित्र सञ्चरच्चकोर-शाव-लोचने
कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥४॥

Oh, You with a beauty that rivals the glow of lightning, pristine gold, and the champaka blossom! Your face’s radiance surpasses that of countless autumnal moons! Your eyes, darting like the young chakora birds, convey ever-changing emotions and wonders! When will I be blessed with Your gracious, fleeting gaze?

मदोन्मदाति–यौवने प्रमोद–मान–मण्डिते
प्रियानुराग–रञ्जिते कला–विलास – पण्डिते ।
कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥५॥

O You, brimming with everlasting youth and vibrancy! O You, adorned with the profound joy of Your playful sulking! O You, deeply immersed in unwavering love for Your cherished one! O You, masterful in the myriad expressions of romantic affection! O You, adept in crafting endearing moments amidst the unparalleled splendor of lush woodland realms! When, I wonder, will You bestow upon me that unmerited, fleeting glance of compassion?

प्रभूतशातकुम्भ–कुम्भकुम्भि–कुम्भसुस्तनि ।
प्रशस्तमन्द–हास्यचूर्ण पूर्णसौख्य –सागरे
कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥६॥

Oh You who are decorated by the diamond necklace of limitless feminine charms like amorous gestures, ecstatic moods, and gentle mannerisms! Oh You whose breasts are plump like the purest golden water jugs, or like the cranial globes of a young elephant! Oh You who are like the swelling ocean of happiness full of (not water, but) the soft pollen of Your most praise-worthy mild sweet smile! When, oh when will You shower upon me Your side-long glance of over-flowing grace?

मृणाल-वाल-वल्लरी तरङ्ग-रङ्ग-दोर्लते
लताग्र–लास्य–लोल–नील–लोचनावलोकने ।
कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥७॥

Your arms sway gracefully, reminiscent of young lotus stems dancing in river currents. Your deep blue eyes wander captivatingly, reminiscent of vines swaying in the wind. Your enticing actions and mesmerizing dances draw even Krishna [Mohan] to your allure. When will you bestow upon me, even just a fleeting look filled with boundless compassion?

सुवर्णमलिकाञ्चित –त्रिरेख–कम्बु–कण्ठगे
त्रिसूत्र–मङ्गली-गुण–त्रिरत्न-दीप्ति–दीधिते ।
कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥८॥

O One with a neck as elegant as a conchshell, adorned with three distinctive lines and draped in a necklace of pure gold! O Radiant One, whose triple-layered necklace, intertwined with delicate jasmine blooms, boasts the three precious gems of diamond, emerald, and pearl! O One with flowing tresses as dark as the midnight sky, intertwined with vibrant floral clusters! When, I wonder, will You bestow upon me that sideways look filled with boundless compassion?

प्रशस्तरत्न-किङ्किणी-कलाप-मध्य मञ्जुले ।
कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥९॥

O You, adorned with floral belts embracing Your curvaceous hips! O You, with a delicate waist enhanced by the soft jingle of exquisite jewel-bells! O You, with elegant thighs resembling the majestic trunk of the mightiest elephant! When will You bless me with that fleeting, compassionate gaze of Yours?

अनेक–मन्त्रनाद–मञ्जु नूपुरारव–स्खलत्
समाज–राजहंस–वंश–निक्वणाति–गौरवे ।
कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥१०॥

Oh, You whose ankle bells echo the sacred Vedic chants as You move, sounding as glorious as the melodious song of majestic swans! Your graceful body movements eclipse the gentle sway of golden vines in the forest. When will You bless me with that gracious, fleeting look of boundless favor?

हिमाद्रिजा–पुलोमजा–विरिञ्चजा-वरप्रदे ।
कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥११॥

O Supreme One, revered by countless divine beings across innumerable universes crafted by Lord Vishnu! You, who grant blessings to the Himalayan maiden (Parvati), to Puloma’s daughter (Saci, wife of Indra), and to the consort of Brahma (Sarasvati)! Your toenails shimmer with the brilliance of infinite mystic powers and abundant blessings! When will the day come that You shower me with Your compassionate, glancing grace?

मखेश्वरि क्रियेश्वरि स्वधेश्वरि सुरेश्वरि
त्रिवेद–भारतीश्वरि प्रमाण–शासनेश्वरि ।
रमेश्वरि क्षमेश्वरि प्रमोद–काननेश्वरि
व्रजेश्वरि व्रजाधिपे श्रीराधिके नमोस्तुते ॥१२॥

Deity of Vedic rites, Mistress of virtuous acts, Bearer of the natural and free, Sovereign of celestial beings, Holder of the wisdom from the three Vedas, Guardian of cosmic order, Supreme amongst bringers of fortune, Embodiment of forgiveness, Joy of Vrindavana’s lush woods, Ruler of the Vraja domain, Sole sovereign of Vraja, Sri Radhika, To You, I bow with deepest reverence.

इती ममद्भुतं-स्तवं निशम्य भानुनन्दिनी
करोतु सन्ततं जनं कृपाकटाक्ष-भाजनम् ।
भवेत्तदैव सञ्चित त्रिरूप–कर्म नाशनं
लभेत्तदा व्रजेन्द्र–सूनु–मण्डल–प्रवेशनम् ॥१३॥

May the daughter of Sri Vrishabhanu, upon hearing my unique prayer from someone, bless that individual with her compassionate gaze. When she does, one will sense that all the consequences of past, present, and future actions have been entirely erased. At that moment, they will be welcomed into the eternal circle of Krishna’s [Nanda-nandana’s] devoted companions.

राकायां च सिताष्टम्यां दशम्यां च विशुद्धधीः ।
एकादश्यां त्रयोदश्यां यः पठेत्साधकः सुधीः ॥१४॥

यं यं कामयते कामं तं तमाप्नोति साधकः ।
राधाकृपाकटाक्षेण भक्तिःस्यात् प्रेमलक्षणा ॥१५॥

The devoted practitioner with a clear mind, who chants this hymn with dedication on specific lunar days such as the full moon, the bright eighth day, tenth day, eleventh day, or the thirteenth day, will see all their wishes come to fruition. Through the compassionate gaze of Sri Radha, they will be blessed with a unique form of devotional service filled with pure, heartfelt love (Prema).

ऊरुदघ्ने नाभिदघ्ने हृद्दघ्ने कण्ठदघ्नके ।
राधाकुण्डजले स्थिता यः पठेत् साधकः शतम् ॥१६॥

तस्य सर्वार्थ सिद्धिः स्याद् वाक्सामर्थ्यं तथा लभेत् ।
ऐश्वर्यं च लभेत् साक्षाद्दृशा पश्यति राधिकाम् ॥१७॥

A devotee (sadhaka) who chants this verse 100 times while standing in the waters of Sri Radha-kunda, whether up to the thighs, navel, chest, or neck, achieves the four main objectives of human life: dharma (righteousness), artha (prosperity), kama (desire fulfillment), and moksha (spiritual liberation). Such a person also gains the ability to make their words come true, experiences immense spiritual richness, and is graced with the direct vision of Sri Radhika, even with their current eyesight.

तेन स तत्क्षणादेव तुष्टा दत्ते महावरम् ।
येन पश्यति नेत्राभ्यां तत् प्रियं श्यामसुन्दरम् ॥१८॥

Thus, when Sri Radhika is delighted, She immediately grants a significant blessing. That blessing allows one to witness Her cherished Syamasundara with their own eyes.

नित्यलीला–प्रवेशं च ददाति श्री-व्रजाधिपः ।
अतः परतरं प्रार्थ्यं वैष्णवस्य न विद्यते ॥१९॥

The very Master of Vraja-dhama allows one to join His eternal moments of joyous daily activities. Beyond this aspiration, genuine Vaishnavas don’t truly desire anything else.

जय जय श्री राधे,
जय जय श्री राधे,
जय जय श्री राधे ||

॥ इति श्रीमदूर्ध्वाम्नाये श्रीराधिकायाः कृपाकटाक्षस्तोत्रं सम्पूर्णम ॥

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Sri Radha Kripa Kataksh StavaRaja”?

It’s a revered stotra in Sri Vrindavana, considered the heart of Vrindavana, which focuses on the divine attributes and blessings of Srimati Radharani.

Who spoke the “Sri Radha Kripa Kataksha StavaRaja”?

Lord Shiva spoke this to Parvati.

In which scripture can the Sri Radha Kripa Kataksha Stotra be found?

It can be found in the Tantra named “Urdhvamnaya-Tantra.”

How popular is this Sri Radha Kripa Kataksha Stotra in Sri Vrindavana?

It’s the most famous stotra in Sri Vrindavana. Almost all sadhus and devoted matajis (ladies) know it by heart.

How frequently is the stotra recited?

It is recited daily in most temples in Sri Vrindavana and the surrounding villages.

Why is this stotra so significant?

The prayer is regarded as the very heart of Vrindavana and is seen as a conduit to receiving blessings from Srimati Radharani.

Conclusion and Radha Kripa Kataksha PDF

As the timeless melodies and verses of ‘Radha Kripa Kataksh’ resonate in our hearts, let’s take a moment to dwell in its profound meaning and the immense grace it showers upon us. Every word and rhythm evokes a feeling that’s deeper than the vast oceans, binding us in an ethereal dance of devotion.

We are humbled and ever-grateful for the time you’ve taken to immerse yourself in this sacred journey with us. Your presence and participation have not just added to the beauty of the chant but have also been a testament to the enduring legacy of these bhajans.

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Behold the timeless saga of Radha and Krishna in our curated gallery here, where each photograph narrates a verse of undying affection.

Thank you for being a part of this spiritual voyage. Let the blessings of Radha envelope you, and may you always find solace and joy in the hymns of love and devotion. As we seek to deepen our spiritual understanding, we invite you to explore the ‘Vishnu Sahasranamam‘—a sacred text venerating the thousand names of Lord Vishnu. This hymn not only enriches our devotion but also guides us towards divine wisdom and tranquility. 🙏

Author of This Article:

Devdutt Mishra

Devdutt Mishra

Devdutt Mishra is a devoted follower of Lord Krishna and has immersed himself deeply in the rich tapestry of Indian spiritual scriptures from a young age. His passion for understanding the profound wisdom of the ancient texts is reflected in his writings, offering readers a unique blend of tradition and contemporary insights.
Devdutt Mishra

Devdutt Mishra

Devdutt Mishra is a devoted follower of Lord Krishna and has immersed himself deeply in the rich tapestry of Indian spiritual scriptures from a young age. His passion for understanding the profound wisdom of the ancient texts is reflected in his writings, offering readers a unique blend of tradition and contemporary insights.

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