How Did Radha Died? Last Divine Moments of Shri Radharani

How Did Radha Died? Last Divine Moments of Shri Radharani

We are residents of India, spirituality is already present within us but it has become hidden within us after getting contaminated by the things that spread ignorance like social media, YouTube, TikTok etc. And due to the influence of this ignorance, today’s couples compare themselves with the divine couple Sri Sri Radhakrishna. Radha Krishna was […]

Kans Vadh (कंस वध): कृष्ण ने किस उम्र में कंस का वध किया?

Kans Vadh (कंस वध): कृष्ण ने किस उम्र में कंस का वध किया? - vrindavanrasamrit

कंस वध एक बहुत ही लोकप्रिय विषय है। इस विषय के बारे में हर कोई जानना चाहता है। भगवान श्री कृष्ण की इस संपूर्ण लीला को सुनने के बाद सभी के मन में कुछ प्रश्न उठते हैं जैसे कंस ने देवकी को कारागार में क्यों डाला? क्या कंस एक साधारण भविष्यवाणी से भयभीत हो गया […]

Why did Krishna not marry Radha? Or was there a marriage?

Sri Yugalashtakam -

The correct answer is that Radhaji and Krishna were married. Where ? When ? How ? Who got it done? What is its proof? We will tell you everything. In this article we will tell you everything through the scriptures. We try to tell in each of our articles that do not take Krishna lightly. […]

How many wives did Krishna have?

How many wives did Krishna have? - vrindavanrasamrit

This is one of the questions asked about Shri Krishna. How many wives did Shri Krishna have? Why were there so many wives? Was Shri Krishna really God? Etc. So in this article we will explain to you authentically from the scriptures how many wives Krishna had. Why was it? Before knowing about Krishna’s wives, […]

Where did Krishna live? Everything From Mathura to Dwarka

Where did Krishna live? - vrindavanrasamrit

Many such articles on the internet tell where Krishna lived. But from the very beginning till the end, where did Krishna live, where did he come from, and why? We are going to tell you all in this article. We are writing all this information on the advice of experts, based on scriptures, and after […]

How did Lord Krishna die? Answer from Original Mahabharata

How did Lord Krishna die - vrindavanrasamrit

This is a very popular question. Everyone gives different answers to this, some say that Shri Krishna died after being hit by Pardhi’s arrow (the most common answer), some say that Shri Krishna never died. So what actually happened? Why did the mighty Arjuna return from Dwarka in a bad and unconscious state? There are […]

How many sons did Krishna have?

How many sons did Krishna have? - vrindavanrasamrit

I will tell! I will give you the answer to this right away, but do not make stupid stories by applying your own logic just by looking at the number of Krishna’s sons. Let me tell you in detail about the sons of Krishna. Shri Krishna had 80 sons. Oh God. Did Shri Krishna have […]