What to do after going to Vrindavan? Which spiritual activity to do?

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Spiritual Activities and Rituals to Experience in Vrindavan

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वृन्दावन सौं वन नहीं, नंदगाव सौ गांव। वंशीवट सौ वट नहीं, कृष्ण नाम सौ नाव।

This saying is often heard from the mouths of the people of Vrindavan and Vraj. Before knowing what spiritual activities and rituals should be followed in Vrindavan, we have to understand Vrindavan.

What is Vrindavan?

श्यामा ह्रदय कमल सौ प्रगट्यो, जहा श्याम ह्रदय को भाये, वृन्दावन प्यारो वृन्दावन।” This Vrindavan which appeared from the lotus heart of Shri Shyamji (Shri Radhaji) is the Vrindavan which is most dear to Shri Shyam (Shri Krishna).

This is the same Vrindavan in which even the omnipresent God/Paramatma leaves his sovereignty and plays with dust and soil. This is not a common place. This is a replica of Goloka himself. The same replica of Goloka where Shri Radha Krishna daily performs his divine pastimes with his friends and associates.

What is Vrindavan?

As a result of thousands of years of penance, the sages who came in the form of Gopis in Lord Krishna’s leela and on the cool night of Sharad Purnima, Rasleela was also played in this Vrindavan and is being played even now.

Mahadev himself, the Lord of Gods, still protects Vrindavan in the form of the protector of the fields in all four directions. Mahadev is present in Vrindavan in many forms like Gopeshwar, Asheshwar and Chandrashekhar etc.

If you want to go to Vrindavan, you will also have to become a Gopi. Mahadev also had to become a Gopi here to participate in the Raasleela. No one’s cleverness works here. Here only Kanhaiyaki Venu runs. According to Venu Geet: “गोविन्द वेणु मनु।” Here in Vrindavan, King is only Govind’s Venu.

It is said that no matter how hard one tries, one cannot take even a single step here at Vrindavan without the grace of Shrimati Radharani. There are many stories of people getting down at Mathura station but having to do something, they have to go back to their homes by another standing train.

What is Vrindavan? There can be a very long discussion on this. But for now let us move ahead in this article. This much information is enough about Vrindavan.

Spiritual Activities and Rituals to Experience in Vrindavan

Laugh a Loud

Look brother, since you have come here, laugh and make others laugh too. Here you can forget all the troubles of your office, home, school etc. and laugh.

We all live in misery. Who is not sad here? Everyone is sad. But Vrajdham / Vrindavandham is the only state where you will find everyone, be it poor, rich, sick, sick, shocked, distressed, in every situation, but they remains happy. Everyone is happy here.

Spiritual Activities and Rituals to Experience in Vrindavan

As I have said earlier also, this is the favorite place of Shrimati Radharani. Don’t spread sorrow in the air here by crying.

so laugh first.

Chanting – Naam Japa

There is a unique significance of coming here and chanting the name. Here, if a person commits one sin, it gets multiplied by 100x, and his good deeds also get multiplied by 100x. Here you get 100x for your every chant.

Chanting - Naam Japa - vrindavan rasamrit

Temple Visits – Sapt Devalay & Other Attractions

Eat Chole Puri of Vrindavan later, first try to visit the 7 main temples here. These are the soul of Vrindavan.

The seven Thakurs here include Shri Govinddevji, Shri Gopinathji, Shri Radharamanji, Shri Radhavallabhji, Shri Banke Bihariji, Shri Yugal Kishorji and Shri Madan Mohanji. He is the chief Thakurji here.

Prem Mandir Vrindavan

Don’t forget to visit Prem Mandir.

Yamuna Aarti & Snan

It is mentioned in the scriptures that Yamuna is the sister of none other than Yama (Yamraj). She has also come directly from Goloka.

Here the pilgrims take a dip with great love and pray to Queen Yamuna to grant them devotion to Krishna. Do not expect any material benefit from Queen Yamuna.

Gau Seva

Everyone also calls Krishna as Gopal, which means one who nurtures and loves cows.

Gau Seva - vrindavan rasamrit

Krishna loves cows very much. It is said that 33 crore Gods and Goddesses reside in the cow. Cows never release carbon dioxide but we do. Mother cow is considered the most sacred. The person who likes cow, gets liked by Shri Krishna. Serve cows a lot here at Vrindavan.

Participate in Events & Festivals

You can go to Vrindavan anytime. Some festival or the other always goes on. Hindu festivals like Holi, Diwali, Govardhan Puja, Bhai Dooj are celebrated here but there are so many temples in Vrindavan, every month Thakurji of some temple or the other, festivals, various festivals etc. are celebrated. Since the Kartik Month is going on, one should also offer lamps to Shree Radha Damodar and sing along Shri Damodarashtakam.

Events & Festivals - vrindavan rasamrit

Every day is celebrated like a festival here. Here Vaishnav people celebrate all Vaishnav festivals with enthusiasm.

So whenever you go and any festival is taking place then definitely participate in it.

Beware of Monkeys

The monkeys here are very fun-loving. Because here when Shree Krishna was young, when he used to steal butter, there used to be monkeys in his group.

Monkeys in vrindavan - rasamrit

Here everyone continues the same tradition and has fun. Sometimes they will steal someone’s bag or steal glasses. And won’t come back until you give them something to eat.


In Vrindavan, every moment is a celebration, every step is a pilgrimage, and every heartbeat resonates with the divine melody of Krishna’s flute. So, as you explore this sacred land, remember to laugh, chant, and soak in the devotion that flows through the very heart of Vrindavan.

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