Ayil Geet: The Influence of Maya

Explore the wisdom of Ayil Geet from Bhagwat Mahapuran. Learn about the influence of Maya and the path to spiritual bliss. Download the PDF lyrics for daily recitation.
Last Updated on 3 April 2024
Ayil Geet -vrindavanrasamrit

The description of Ayil Geet is given in Bhagwat Mahapuran, 11th Canto, 23rd Chapter (As per Shreemad Bhaagwat Mahapurana ISKCON).

In this chapter it has been explained how inappropriate association is dangerous for the path of devotion. And how does the association with saintly men lead to a higher position of devotion? The living entity has got a human body, which is beneficial in attaining God and one who has engaged it in devotional activities of God is capable of experiencing God in the form of spiritual bliss.

Such a person devoted to God is freed from the influence of Maya and despite living in this world created by illusion, he remains completely untouched by it. But those souls, who are bound by Maya, remain busy in satisfying their stomach and genitals. They are impure and anyone who associates with them falls into the pit of ignorance.

Emperor Pururava, who had been fascinated by the company of the nymph Urvashi, became despondent after being separated from her. He sang a song expressing his hatred towards female company. He told that the men who are attached to the female body, which is a lump made up of skin, flesh, blood, marrow, bones etc., are no different from insects.

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What is the importance of education, penance, renunciation, knowledge of Vedas, solitude and silence of a person whose mind is taken away by a woman? Learned persons should never believe in the six lustful mental enemies and should avoid associating with women or men controlled by women. After declaring these facts, King Pururava became free from the attachment of the world and he realized the God who resides within.

The conclusion was that an intelligent person should shun bad company and should be attracted towards the company of saintly men. These saint devotees can break the false attachments of human mind with their divine teachings. Real saints are always free and worship God.

In their company there are continuous discussions about God, by serving whom all the material sins of the soul are removed and pure devotion is attained. And when one attains devotion towards God, who is the original ocean of infinite qualities, then what is left to attain?

Ayil Geet starts here:


मल्लक्षणमिमं कायं लब्ध्वा मद्धर्म आस्थितः ।
आनन्दं परमात्मानमात्मस्थं समुपैति माम् ॥ १॥

God said: By attaining this human life, which gives man the opportunity to realize Me, and by being established in My devotion, man can attain Me, who is the storehouse of all joy and who resides in the heart of every living being. One is the form of God.

गुणेषु मायामात्रेषु दृश्यमानेष्ववस्तुतः ।
वर्तमानोऽपि न पुमान्युज्यतेऽवस्तुभिर्गुणैः ॥२॥

A person established in divine knowledge becomes free from conditioned life by giving up his false identity with the fruits of the modes of nature. Considering these fruits as mere attachments, by constantly living among them, he protects himself from getting entangled in the qualities of nature. Since the qualities and their results are not true, he does not accept them.

सङ्गं न कुर्यादसतां शिश्नोदरतृपां क्वचित् ।
तस्यानुगस्तमस्यन्धे पतत्यन्धानुगान्धवत् ॥ ३॥

Man should never associate with such materialists who are engaged in satisfying their genitals and abdomen. By following them man falls into a deep pit of darkness, just as it happens when a blind person follows another blind person.

Sri Yugalashtakam - vrindavanrasamrit.in

ऐल: सम्राडिमां गाथामगायत बृहच्छ्रवाः ।
उर्वशीविरहान्मुह्यन्निर्विण्णः शोकसंयमे ॥४॥

The following geet was sung by the famous emperor Pururava. At first he felt confused after separation from his wife Urvashi, but after controlling his grief, he started feeling detachment.

त्यक्त्वात्मानं व्रयन्तीं तां नग्न उन्मत्तवन्नृपः ।
विलपन्नन्वगाज्जाये घोरे तिष्ठेति विक्लवः ॥ ५ ॥

When she was leaving him, he, despite being naked, started running after her like a madman and started shouting in great sorrow, “My wife, you cruel woman! Just wait.”

कामानतृप्तोऽनुजुषन्क्षुल्लकान्वर्षयामिनीः ।
न वेद यान्तीर्नायान्तीरुर्वश्याकृष्टचेतनः ॥६॥

Although Pururava had enjoyed sexual pleasure in the evening hours for years, still he was not satisfied with such trivial pleasures. His mind was so attracted towards Urvashi that he could not even notice how the nights come and go.

ऐल उवाच

अहो मे मोहविस्तारः कामकश्मलचेतसः ।
देव्या गृहीतकण्ठस्य नायुः खण्डा इमे स्मृताः ॥७॥

King Aila said: Alas! Look at the extent of my attachment! This goddess used to embrace me and hold my neck in her fist. My heart was so polluted with lust that I did not pay attention to how my life was going on.

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नाहं वेदाभिनिर्मुक्तः सूर्यो वाभ्युदितोऽमुया ।
मूषितो वर्षपूगानां बताहानि गतान्युत ॥ ८ ॥

This woman cheated me so much that I could not even see the sun rising or setting. Hi! I have been wasting my days in vain for so many years.

अहो मे आत्मसम्मोहो येनात्मा योषितां कृतः ।
क्रीडामृगश्चक्रवर्ती नरदेवशिखामणिः ॥ ९॥

Although I am considered a powerful emperor and the crown jewel of all the kings on this earth, but look! Attachment has turned me into a toy animal in the hands of women.

सपरिच्छदमात्मानं हित्वा तृणमिवेश्वरम् ।
यान्तीं स्त्रियं चान्वगमं नग्न उन्मत्तवद्रुदन् ॥ १० ॥

Although I was a powerful king with abundant opulence, that woman abandoned me as if I were an insignificant blade of grass. Still, I kept following him, naked and shameless, screaming like a madman.

कुतस्तस्यानुभावः स्यात्तेज ईशत्वमेव वा ।
योऽन्वगच्छं स्त्रियं यान्तीं खरवत्पादताडितः ॥ ११॥

Where is my so called immense influence, power and ownership? I am running after the woman who had already left me, just like a donkey who brushes her hair on her face.

किं विद्यया किं तपसा किं त्यागेन श्रुतेन वा ।
किं विविक्तेन मौनेन स्त्रीभिर्यस्य मनो हृतम् ॥ १२ ॥

What is the benefit of higher education or penance and sacrifice? Similarly, what is the benefit of studying religious scriptures, living alone and in silence and then having someone’s heart stolen by a woman?

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स्वार्थस्याकोविदं धिङ्मां मूर्ख पण्डितमानिनम् ।
योऽहमीश्वरतां प्राप्य स्त्रीभिर्गोखरवज्जितः ॥ १३ ॥

damn I! I am such a fool that I don’t even know what is good for me. I arrogantly thought that I was extremely intelligent. Although I attained the high position of Swami, I kept getting myself defeated by women as if I were a bull.

सेवतो वर्षपूगान्मे उर्वश्या अधरासवम् ।
न तृप्यत्यात्मभूः कामो वह्निराहुतिभिर्यथा ॥ १४॥

Although I had consumed the so-called nectar of Urvashi’s lips for years, my sexual desires kept rising in my heart again and again and were never satisfied, just as a fire can never be extinguished by offering ghee.

पुंश्चल्यापहृतं चित्तं को न्वन्यो मोचितुं प्रभुः ।
आत्मारामेश्वरमृते भगवन्तमधोक्षजम् ॥ १५ ॥

Who else can save my consciousness, which has been stolen by a prostitute, other than God, who is beyond material experience and is the master of Atmaram sages?

बोधितस्यापि देव्या मे सूक्तवाक्येन दुर्मतेः ।
मनोगतो महामोहो नापयात्यजितात्मनः ॥ १६ ॥

Because I allowed my intelligence to become dull and because I could not control my senses, the great attachment in my mind could not be eradicated even though Urvashi had given me good advice with beautiful words.

किमेतया नोऽपकृतं रज्वा वा सर्पचेतसः ।
द्रष्टुः स्वरूपाविदुषो योऽहं यदजितेन्द्रियः ॥ १७॥

How can I blame Him for my suffering when I myself am unaware of my true spiritual nature? I have not been able to control my senses, that is why I am like a person who mistakes an innocent rope for a snake.

क्वायं मलीमसः कायो दौर्गन्ध्याद्यात्मको शुचिः ।
क्व गुणाः सौमनस्याद्या ह्यध्यासोऽविद्यया कृतः ॥ १८ ॥

After all, is this a contaminated body – so dirty and full of foul smell? I was attracted by the fragrance and beauty of a woman’s body, but after all, are those attractive features? They are just a disguise created by Maya (illusion)!

पित्रोः किं स्वं नु भार्यायाः स्वामिनोऽग्नेः श्वगृध्रयोः ।
किमात्मनः किं सुहृदामिति यो नावसीयते ॥ १९॥
तस्मिन्कलेवरेऽमेध्ये तुच्छनिष्ठे विषज्जते ।
अहो सुभद्रं सुनसं सुस्मितं च मुखं स्त्रियः ॥ २० ॥

One cannot decide whose body actually is whose property. Does it belong to the parents who gave birth to it, or to the wife who gives it pleasure, or to its owner, who keeps giving orders to the body? Or is it the fire of the pyre or the dogs and jackals who will ultimately eat it? Is it the property of the inner soul, which supports it in its joys and sorrows, or does this body belong to those close friends who encourage it and help it? Although man is never able to determine the owner of his body, he remains attached to it. This physical body is like contaminated matter moving towards a lower place; Yet when a man gazes at a woman’s face, he thinks, “How beautiful is this woman? What a beautiful nose she has and just look at her beautiful laugh.”

त्वङ्मांसरुधिरस्नायुमेदोमज्जास्थिसंहतौ ।
विण्मूत्रपूये रमतां कृमीणां कियदन्तरम् ॥ २१॥

What is the difference between ordinary insects and those people who want to enjoy this physical body made of skin, flesh, blood, muscle, fat, marrow, bone, feces, urine and pus?

अथापि नोपसज्जेत स्त्रीषु स्त्रैणेषु चार्थवित् ।
विषयेन्द्रियसंयोगान्मनः क्षुभ्यति नान्यथा ॥ २२ ॥

In principle, even after knowing the true nature of the body, one should never associate with women or men who indulge in women. After all, contact of the senses with their objects inevitably disturbs the mind.

अदृष्टादश्रुताद्भावान्न भाव उपजायते ।
असम्प्रयुञ्जतः प्राणान्शाम्यति स्तिमितं मनः ॥२३॥

Since the mind is not agitated by anything that is neither seen nor heard, the mind of a person who restrains his senses will automatically be restrained from performing its material activities and will become calm.

तस्मात्सङ्गो न कर्तव्यः स्त्रीषु स्त्रैणेषु चेन्द्रियैः ।
विदुषां चाप्यविस्रब्धः षड्वर्गः किमु मादृशाम् ॥ २४॥

Therefore, a man should not allow his senses to openly associate with women or men obsessed with women. Even those who are highly learned cannot believe in the six enemies of the mind, so what about foolish people like me?


This Ayil Geet inspires us to be aware of the deceitfulness of material life.

You can enjoy this song with devotion and for this, we have made a PDF version of this song which you can download and sing it every day.

Download Ayil Geet With Lyrics (PDF)

At the end of this article, we have also included a link to the video from which you can listen to the description of the Ayil Geet in the voice of Shri Indresh Upadhyayji (Vyas for Youth).

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Devdutt Mishra

Devdutt Mishra

Devdutt Mishra is a devoted follower of Lord Krishna and has immersed himself deeply in the rich tapestry of Indian spiritual scriptures from a young age. His passion for understanding the profound wisdom of the ancient texts is reflected in his writings, offering readers a unique blend of tradition and contemporary insights.
Devdutt Mishra

Devdutt Mishra

Devdutt Mishra is a devoted follower of Lord Krishna and has immersed himself deeply in the rich tapestry of Indian spiritual scriptures from a young age. His passion for understanding the profound wisdom of the ancient texts is reflected in his writings, offering readers a unique blend of tradition and contemporary insights.

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