Bhramar Geet: The Uddhav – Gopi Samvad

The poignant dialogue between Uddhavji and the Gopis, reflecting their unwavering devotion to Lord Krishna. Download the PDF version for daily recitation and enjoy the melodious narration by Shri Indresh Upadhyayji.
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Bhramar Geet - vrindavanrasamrit

This wonderful Bhramar Geet of Bhagwat is described in 10th Skandham and 47th Chapter. In which Uddhavji comes to give knowledge to the Gopis on the pretext of giving them the message of Krishna to free them from the pain of separation.

In this chapter, Uddhav, on Lord Krishna’s orders, delivers a message to the Gopis and consoles them. The Gopis, mistaking Uddhav for Krishna due to his resemblance to the deity, surround him. The Gopis take them aside, and they begin to recall their previous conversations with Krishna and express their longing for him. One Gopi interprets the presence of a bumblebee as a message from Krishna, believing he has abandoned them for other women. She praises Krishna’s qualities and pastimes.

Uddhav attempts to comfort the Gopis, emphasizing their immense fortune in having Krishna’s pure devotion. He conveys Krishna’s message, explaining that Krishna left them to intensify their love and advises them to remember him constantly. The Gopis inquire about Krishna’s happiness, his memory of their pastimes, and his potential return, displaying unwavering devotion.

Uddhav stays in Vraj, bringing happiness to the people by discussing Krishna. He witnesses the deepening love of the Gopis for Krishna and praises their devotion. Finally, he seeks permission to return to Mathura, where he shares his experiences and delivers gifts from Nand Maharaj to Balaram, Krishna, and King Ugrasen.

Bhramar Geet starts from here:

मधुप कितवबन्धो मा स्पृशङ्घ्रि सपत्न्याः
कुचविलुलितमालाकुङ्कुमश्मश्रुभिर्नः ।
वहतु मधुपतिस्तन्मानिनीनां प्रसादं
यदुसदसि विडम्ब्यं यस्य दूतस्त्वमीदृक् ॥ १२॥

Gopi says, honey bee, you are the friend of that deceptive, hence you are also deceptive so don’t touch our feet. Don’t entreat (pray) to us with fake greetings. We can clearly see the yellow powder crushed from your garland through the hugs by our co-wives on your oustache. You yourself don’t love any particular flower, you wander here and there from one flower to another. You are like your master! Let Shri Krishna cajole the proud heroines of Mathura, his graceful prasad, which is fit for mockery within the Yadu clan, should be kept to himself only. What is the need of sending this through you?

सकृदधरसुधां स्वां मोहिनीं पाययित्वा
सुमनस इव सद्यस्तत्यजेऽस्मान्भवादृक् ।
परिचरति कथं तत्पादपद्मं नु पद्मा
ह्यपि बत हृतचेता ह्युत्तमः श्लोकजल्पैः ॥ १३ ॥

Having given us the tempting nectar of His lips just once, Krishna has suddenly abandoned us, just as you immediately abandon a flower. Then how is it possible that Goddess Padma willingly serves his lotus feet? Hi ! The answer could be that their mind has been stolen by their deceitful words.

किमिह बहु षडङ्ग्रे गायसि त्वं यदूना-
मधिपतिमगृहाणामग्रतो नः पुराणम् ।
विजयसखसखीनां गीयतां तत्प्रसङ्गः
क्षपितकुचरुजस्ते कल्पयन्तीष्टमिष्टाः ॥ १४॥

O Bumblebee, why are you singing so much about the Lord of the Yadus in front of us who are devoid of family and friends? These stories have become old for us now. It would be good if you go and sing about that friend of Arjuna in front of his new friends whose breasts he has quenched the burning desire (lust). Those women will definitely give you the desired alms.

Wallpaper image of Radha Krishna's divine union, full of vibrant colors

दिवि भुवि च रसायां काः स्त्रियस्तद्दुरापा
कपटरुचिरहासभ्रूविजृम्भस्य याः स्युः ।
चरणरज उपास्ते यस्य भूतिर्वयं का
अपि च कृपणपक्षे ह्युत्तमः श्लोकशब्दः ॥ १५ ॥

Which women are unavailable to him in heaven, earth or hell? They simply arch their eyebrows and laugh with deceitful charm, then they become all theirs. Even Lakshmiji worships her feet, then what is our status in comparison to her? But those who are poor and distressed can at least take his name in a good verse!

विसृज शिरसि पादं वेद्म्यहं चातुकारै-
रनुनयविदुषस्तेऽभ्येत्य दौत्यैर्मुकुन्दात् ।
स्वकृत इह विषृष्टापत्यपत्यन्यलोका
व्यसृजदकृतचेताः किं नु सन्धेयमस्मिन् ॥ १६॥

You keep your head away from my feet. I know what you are doing. You have very skillfully learned diplomacy from Mukund and now you have come as his dua with flattering words. But he has abandoned those poor women who have abandoned their children, husbands and other relatives for him. They are completely ungrateful. So why should I compromise with them now?

मृगयुरिव कपीन्द्रं विव्यधे लुब्धधर्मा
स्त्रियमकृत विरूपां स्त्रीजितः कामयानाम् ।
बलिमपि बलिमत्त्वावेष्टयद्ध्वाङ्क्षवद्य-
स्तदलमसितसख्यैर्दुस्त्यजस्तत्कथार्थः ॥ १७॥

Like a hunter, he mercilessly pierced Kapiraaj with arrows. Since he had been conquered by a woman, he made another woman, who came to him out of lust, ugly. Not only this, even after eating the sacrifice of Bali Maharaj, they tied him with ropes as if he was a crow. Therefore, we should give up all friendship with this dark-skinned boy even if we cannot stop talking about him.

सकृददनविधूतद्वन्द्वधर्मा विनष्टाः ।
सपदि गृहकुटुम्बं दीनमुत्सृज्य दीना
बहव इह विहङ्गा भिक्षुचर्यां चरन्ति ॥ १८ ॥

Hearing about the pastimes performed regularly by Krishna is like nectar to the ears. Those who taste even a single drop of this nectar, their attachment to material duality is destroyed. Many such people have suddenly left their wretched homes and families and have come to Vrindavan, wandering here and there like birds, begging for a living.

Krishnashtakam image 2

वयमृतमिव जिह्मव्याहृतं श्रद्दधानाः
कुलिकरुतमिवाज्ञाः कृष्णवध्वो हरिण्यः ।
स्मररुज उपमन्त्रिन्भण्यतामन्यवार्ता ॥ १९॥

By accepting his deceitful words as true, we became like the foolish wives of the black buck who believed in the song of the ruthless hunter. In this way we kept experiencing again and again the intense pain of sex caused by the touch of her nails. O messenger, now say something other than Krishna.

प्रियसख पुनरागाः प्रेयसा प्रेषितः किं
वरय किमनुरुन्धे माननीयोऽसि मेऽङ्ग ।
नयसि कथमिहास्मान्दुस्त्यजद्वन्द्वपार्श्व
सततमुरसि सौम्य श्रीर्वधूः साकमास्ते ॥ २०॥

O friend of my beloved, has my lover sent you here again? Hey friend, I should respect you, so you can ask for whatever boon you want. But why have you come here to take us back to the one whose sweet love is so difficult to leave? Whatever may be the case, oh gentle bumblebee, his beloved is Goddess Lakshmi and she always sits with him on his chest.

अपि बत मधुपुर्यामार्यपुत्रोऽधुनास्ते
स्मरति स पितृगेहान्सौम्य बन्धूंश्च गोपान् ।
क्वचिदपि स कथा नः किङ्करीणां गृणीते
भुजमगुरुसुगन्धं मूर्त्यधास्यत्कदा नु ॥ २१ ॥

Oh Udvadha, indeed it is very regrettable that Krishna resides in Mathura. Do they remember their father’s household chores and their cowherd friends? O Mahatma, does he ever talk about these maids of his too? When will He place His Guru-scented hands on our heads?


We hope that you would have liked the Bhramar Geet which we have presented in this link along with its meaning.

As shown in the Bhramar Geet, it has been taught that “Devotion without Knowledge is Blind and Knowledge without Devotion is Lame.

you can enjoy this song with devotion and for this, we have made a PDF version of this song which you can download and sing it every day.

Download Bhramar Geet Lyrics (PDF)

At the end of this article, we have also included a link to the video from which you can listen to the description of the Bhramar Geet in the voice of Shri Indresh Upadhyayji (Vyas for Youth).

We have also written detailed articles on Gopi Geet, Rudra Geet, Venu Geet, Yugal Geet, Ayil Geet and Bhikshuk Geet mentioned in Bhagwat, which is definitely worth reading. and also we have uploded Radha Krishna images that narrate tales of divine love, enriched with profound captions and soulful descriptions.

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Chaitanya Upadhyay

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Chaitanya Upadhyay

Chaitanya Upadhyay

A spiritual expert and prolific writer with a lifelong passion for Indian scriptures, including the Vedas, Puranas, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, and more. His journey began in childhood, leading him to become a respected authority in the field, sharing profound insights through his blogs.

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