Gopi Geet with Lyrics: True Separation of Gopis from Shri Krishna

Explore the profound beauty of Gopi Geet, cherished in the heart of devotees of Lord Krishna. Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring verses, available in Gujarati, Hindi, and English. Download Gopi Geet Lyrics in a captivating PDF format for a deeper connection with Lord Krishna.
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Gopi Geet Lyrics -

In this chapter it is narrated how the Gopis, overwhelmed with the feeling of separation from Krishna, sat on the banks of Yamuna and started praying to get His darshan and started singing His praises.

Since the Gopis had offered their minds and even their lives to Krishna, they were not overcome by the divine pain of separation. But his crying, which appears to be a sign of humility, actually reflects his divine state of joy.

As stated – Yat dekh Vaishnavar vyavahar dukha / Nishchay janih sei paramanand sukha – Whenever one sees a Vaishnava being sad, one must definitely understand that he is actually experiencing supreme spiritual bliss.

In this way, each Gopi started addressing Shri Krishna according to his own feeling of joy and everyone prayed for his blessings.

As soon as the pastimes of Krishna arose in the minds of the Gopis, they started singing his songs, which relieve the pain of the afflicted and provide ultimate happiness through the fire of separation from Krishna. They sang, “O Master, O Beloved, O Cheater! When we remember your laughter, your loving glances and your pastimes with your childhood friends, we become extremely upset.

Remembering your lotus face adorned with black curly hair stained with twilight, we become unwaveringly attached to you with a solitary feeling. And when we remember how you used to chase the cows from one forest to another with your soft feet, we feel great pain.”

During Krishna’s separation, each moment seemed like an entire era to the Gopis. Even when he had seen her before, her blinking seemed unbearable as it blocked his view for some time.

The feelings expressed by the gopis for Krishna may appear to be characterized by lust but in reality they are an expression of their pure desire to satisfy the spiritual senses of the Lord. In these expressions of the Gopis, lust has not even touched.

Bhagwat’s life, Gopi Geet starts from this:

गोप्य ऊचुः
जयति तेऽधिकं जन्मना व्रजः
श्रयत इन्दिरा शश्वदत्र हि ।
दयित दृश्यतां दिक्षु तावका-
स्त्वयि धृतासवस्त्वां विचिन्वते ॥ १ ॥

The Gopis said: O dear one, since your birth in Vrajabhoomi, this land has become extremely glorious and that is why Indira (Lakshmi) always resides here. It is only for you, your devoted servants, that we are living our lives. We have been searching for you everywhere, so please show us your presence.

शरदुदाशये साधुजातसत्-
सरसिजोदरश्रीमुषा दृशा ।
सुरतनाथ तेऽशुल्कदासिका
वरद निघ्नतो नेह किं वधः ॥ २ ॥

O Lord of love, your beauty surpasses the beauty of the most beautifully crafted lotus flower in the autumn pond. O groom-giver, you are killing those maids who have completely surrendered themselves to you without any price. Is this not murder?

Madhurashtakam - Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram

वर्षमारुताद्वैद्युतानलात् ।
वृषमयात्मजाद्विश्वतो भया-
दृषभ ते वयं रक्षिता मुहुः ॥ ३ ॥

O best of men, you have repeatedly saved us all from various kinds of dangers – from poisonous water, from the fierce man-eater Aghasura, from torrential rains, from Trinavarta, from Indra’s fire-like thunderbolt, from Vrishasura and from the son of the demon May.

न खलु गोपीकानन्दनो भवा-
नखिलदेहिनामन्तरात्मदृक् ।
विखनसार्थितो विश्वगुप्तये
सख उदेयिवान्सात्वतां कुले ॥ ४ ॥

O friend, you are actually not the son of Gopi Yashoda but the witness present in the hearts of all embodied beings. Since Lord Brahma had requested you to incarnate and protect the universe, you have now appeared in the Satvat clan.

विरचिताभयं वृष्णिधूर्य ते
चरणमीयुषां संसृतेर्भयात् ।
करसरोरुहं कान्त कामदं
शिरसि धेहि नः श्रीकरग्रहम् ॥ ५ ॥

O best of Vrishnis, your lotus-like hand holding the hand of Goddess Lakshmi bestows fearlessness on those who come near your feet out of fear of the ocean of life. O beloved, place Karakamal above our heads that fulfills that wish.

व्रजजनार्तिहन्वीर योषितां
निजजनस्मयध्वंसनस्मित |
भज सखे भवत्किङ्करीः स्म नो
जलरुहाननं चारु दर्शय ॥ ६ ॥

O destroyer of the sufferings of the people of Vraja, hero of all women, your laughter shatters the false pride of your devotees. Oh friend, please accept us as your maids and give us the darshan of your beautiful lotus face.

Madhurashtakam - Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram

प्रणतदेहिनां पापकर्षणं
तृणचरानुगं श्रीनिकेतनम् ।
फणिफणार्पितं ते पदाम्बुजं
कृणु कुचेषु नः कृन्धि हृच्छयम् ॥७॥

Your lotus feet are going to destroy the past sins of all the embodied beings who surrender to you. Those feet follow the cows in the pastures and are the divine abode of Goddess Lakshmi. Since you once placed those feet on the hoods of the great serpent Kaliya, now you place them on our breasts and shatter the lust of our hearts.

मधुरया गिरा वल्गुवाक्यया
बुधमनोज्ञया पुष्करेक्षण ।
विधिकरीरिमा वीर मुह्यती-
रधरसीधुनाप्याययस्व नः ॥ ८ ॥

O lotus eye, your sweet voice and charming words, which attract the mind of the wise, are attracting us all more and more. Our dear warrior, please revive your maids with the nectar of your lips.

तव कथामृतं तप्तजीवनं
कविभिरीडितं कल्मषापहम् ।
श्रवणमङ्गलं श्रीमदाततं
भुवि गृणन्ति ये भूरिदा जनाः ॥ ९ ॥

The nectar of your words and the description of your pastimes are the life and soul of those suffering in this material world. These stories spread by learned sages completely destroy the sins of humans and bestow good fortune on the listeners. These stories are widespread across the world and are filled with spiritual power. Certainly, those who spread God’s message are the greatest givers.

Madhurashtakam - Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram

प्रहसितं प्रियप्रेमवीक्षणं
विहरणं च ते ध्यानमङ्गलम् ।
रहसि संविदो या हृदि स्पृशः
कुहक नो मनः क्षोभयन्ति हि ॥ १० ॥

Your laughter, your sweet love-filled thoughts, the intimate pastimes and secret conversations we have enjoyed with you – it is auspicious to contemplate all these and they touch our hearts. But at the same time, O deceitful one, they also irritate our hearts greatly.

चलसि यद्व्रजाच्चारयन्पशून्
नलिनसुन्दरं नाथ ते पदम् ।
शिलतृणाङ्करैः सीदतीति नः
कलिलतां मनः कान्त गच्छति ॥ ११ ॥

Oh Lord, oh beloved, when you leave the village to graze the cows, our minds get distracted by the thought that your feet will be pricked by the sharp husks of grains, weeds and plants more beautiful than the lotus.

Krishnashtakam image 3

दिनपरिक्षये नीलकुन्तलै-
र्वनरुहाननं बिभ्रदावृतम् ।
घनरजस्वलं दर्शयन्मुहु-
र्मनसि नः स्मरं वीर यच्छसि ॥ १२ ॥

As the day sets, you repeatedly show us your lotus face covered with strands of dark blue hair and completely covered with dust. In this way, oh brave one, you awaken sexual desire in our minds.

प्रणतकामदं पद्मजार्चितं
धरणिमण्डनं ध्येयमापदि ।
चरणपङ्कजं शन्तमं च ते
रमण नः स्तनेष्वर्पयाधिहन् ॥ १३ ॥

Your lotus feet, worshiped by Lord Brahma, fulfill the desires of all those who bow before them. They are the ornaments of the earth, they give supreme satisfaction and are absolutely suitable for contemplation in times of crisis. Oh beloved, oh destroyer of worries, place those feet on our breasts.

सुरतवर्धनं शोकनाशनं
स्वरितवेणुना सुष्ठु चुम्बितम् ।
इतररागविस्मारणं नृणां
वितर वीर नस्तेऽधरामृतम् ॥ १४ ॥

O brave one, distribute among us the nectar of your lips which enhances the joy of couples and removes sorrow. Your sounding Vanshi tastes the same nectar and makes people lose all their other attachments.

अटति यद्भवानह्नि काननं
त्रुटि युगायते त्वामपश्यताम् ।
कुटिलकुन्तलं श्रीमुखं च ते
जड उदीक्षतां पक्ष्मकृद्दृशाम् ॥ १५ ॥

When you go to the forest during the day, even a fraction of a second seems like an era to us because we cannot see you. And even when we look at your beautiful face, which looks so beautiful because it is decorated with curly hair, these eyelids, which have been created by the foolish creator, become a hindrance in our joy.

नतिविलङ्घ्य तेऽन्त्यच्युतागताः ।
कितव योषितः कस्त्यजेन्निशि ॥ १६ ॥

O Acyuta, you know very well why we have come. Who else but a cheater like you would abandon the young women who had come to see him, attracted by the loud music of his flute at midnight? We have completely rejected our husbands, children, elders, brothers and other relatives just for your darshan.

रहसि संविदं हृच्छयोदयं
प्रहसिताननं प्रेमवीक्षणम् ।
बृहदुरः श्रियो वीक्ष्य धाम ते
मुहुरतिस्पृहा मुह्यते मनः ॥ १७॥

When we think of the intimate conversations we had with you in private, feel joy in our hearts and remember your cheerful figure, your loving gaze and your broad chest, which is the abode of Goddess Lakshmi, then again and again in our mind Become fascinated. In this way we feel a very deep longing for you.

व्रजवनौकसां व्यक्तिरङ्ग ते
वृजिनहन्त्र्यलं विश्वमङ्गलम् ।
त्यज मनाननस्त्वत्स्पृहात्मनां
स्वजनहृद्रुजां यन्निषूदनम् ॥ १८ ॥

O beloved one, your all auspicious appearance removes the sufferings of those living in the forests of Vraja. Our hearts long for your company. Please give us a little of that medicine, which cures the disease in the hearts of your devotees.

यत्ते सुजातचरणाम्बुरुहं स्तनेषु
भीताः शनैः प्रिय दधीमहि कर्कशेषु ।
तेनाटवीमटसि तद्व्यथते न किं स्वित्
कूर्पादिभिर्भ्रमति धीर्भवदायुषां नः ॥ १९॥

Beloved, your lotus feet are so soft that we gently place them on our breasts fearing that your feet will get hurt. Our life depends only on you. Therefore, our minds are filled with worry that while wandering on the forest path, your tender feet might get hurt by pebbles.


Very blessed is that creature who has drank the juice of Gopi Geet. Gopi Geet is such a state of love which has the power to unite you with Shyam Sundar. This Gopis of Braj is none other than a sage who has been engaged in penance for hundreds of years.

This is an excellent song sung by the Gopis. If any person experiences true separation from Shri Krishna and sings this song, then Shyam Sundar is bound to come to meet him.

We tried to give you other Geet given in Bhagwat Mahapuran like Rudra Geet, Venu Geet, Bhramar Geet, Yugal Geet, Aayil Geet and Bhikshuk Geet which are the excellent creations of Bhagwat Mahapuran, we also tried to give you them in detailed form along with the meaning of the shloka. Must read that also only at

You can enjoy this song with devotion and for this, we have made a PDF version of this geet which you can download and sing it every day.

Download Gopi Geet Lyrics (PDF)

At the end of this article, we have also included a link to the video from which you can listen to the description of the Gopi Geet in the voice of Shri Indresh Upadhyayji (Vyas for Youth).

Feel the Beauty of Vrindavan through our Radha Krishna images, capturing the essence of devotion, and let each image guide you deeper into the stories of Bhagwat Mahapuran.

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Chaitanya Upadhyay

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Chaitanya Upadhyay

Chaitanya Upadhyay

A spiritual expert and prolific writer with a lifelong passion for Indian scriptures, including the Vedas, Puranas, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, and more. His journey began in childhood, leading him to become a respected authority in the field, sharing profound insights through his blogs.

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